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the livejournal community

things that go BUMP in the night...
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Things that go BUMP! in the night...

One that is monstrous.
The quality or character of being monstrous.

n 1: a person or animal that is markedly unusual or deformed [syn: freak, monster, lusus naturae] 2: something hideous or frightful; "they regarded the atom bomb as a monstrosity"

This community is interested in the spooky. Those things that go BUMP in the night and scratch at the window pane at midnight. Beneath your bed and lurking in the cuboard under the stairs; creepy crawlies. Words and picturesd, the Monster in any form, and the monster inside of you.

& the monsters come out to play...

If you post more than one image, the image is rather large or your post is just terribly long in general, it would be most appreciated if you would adopt the use of the LJ-cut as illustrated here. :)

We fully welcome advertisments of websites specific to the theme as well actual events pertaining to the theme of Monsters, but please refrain from promoting your new communities unless they are directly associated to the interests of the community. Otherwise community_promo is where you need to be heading.

important:We do not tolerate any kind of flamming, spamming e.t.c. While discussions and debates are healthy and good sometime or another, if it turns terribly nasty, those involved shall be given a servere warning, or if disasterous, shall be banned. If this continues, all parties involved, I am afraid shall be banned. Thankyou. :p

The monstrosities community is mantained by unseeliefiend. If you have any queries, ideas pertaining to the community, complaints or misuse to report, please feel free to e-mail the creature.

note:the image used within the icon is of Baba Yaga by Ivan Bilibin


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